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Terms of Service

Terms - Regulations - Policies - Guidelines => Please read carefully to avoid losses

  • Prohibition      of using services and placing orders with content or purposes violating      laws, politics, pornography... If intentionally violating, you must take      full responsibility for your content or orders before the law. The      Smmcheap web system is automatic, so it cannot manage all orders or      content of users. Due to the large number of users, therefore, please      strictly comply with the law. Terms: 
  • Article 1: Please carefully review      the description and service for placing orders. Warning: When buying and using      services, do not buy from elsewhere! When placing views, you must place      the link of the video, not the channel link - When placing YouTube      comments, use the YouTube link - For Facebook, select the Facebook comment      section. When placing subs, place the link as described. When placing      likes, the number of likes must be shown; when placing follows and      subscriptions, the number of subscribers must be shown. Do not hide      videos, delete videos, or change links while running. When increasing      TikTok follows, do not change the name, only change the link after      increasing. If not, no warranty will be provided. 
  • Article 1.1: ⚠ The counter only counts the initial number      you have + the number you ordered = the completed number. When buying,      only choose one type for one link. If your initial view count = 10, and      the total you bought is 3000 (either one-time purchase or three times      purchase for one link), then the final total is 3010, which is enough if      it's below 3010, it's considered a drop. So don't see the view go up to      3050 and then down to 3010, mistaking it for a drop. Because we always      give more views than the initial number you purchased to subtract a      matching number of views. We base on the statistics of the displayed      quantity outside of YouTube. (Refer to the Image)
  • Do not      place overlapping services if they are not enough. For example: If you      place overlapping services, it will still run, but the counter will count      the initial quantity at the time you placed the last order + the quantity      ordered. For example, placing 1000 views that are still running and      haven't been completed yet, only got 500 views, then placing another 2000,      making it 2500 views will be considered enough. Sometimes even if it's      pending, if the views are enough, you still can't buy views immediately.      No warranty will be provided for intentional errors. As for other      services, just place orders normally. If you don't understand, just ask . 
  • Article 1.2: Please      read the description and title of the service carefully before using it,      especially check if the link you are preparing to order is correct before      placing it; otherwise, you will suffer losses. Article 1.3: Do not order      in a way that one type is warranted and another type is not; if there's a drop,      it will be based on the following regulations. (Read carefully about this      issue in articles 3 and 3.1 and article 5) Read Warranty Carefully (Do not      wait until you do not understand and argue, I will not support if the      regulations are already there) Article 2.1: (Warranty)
  • Warranty      for each type of service is clearly stated in the name of the service, the      description of that service. "For example, a 30-day warranty does not      mean it will drop or fail after 30 days, just like buying a phone for 12      months warranty, it doesn't mean it will break after exactly 12 months,      the warranty here means support, free warranty if within that 12-month      warranty period."
  • Permanent      warranty means if it's not enough or decreases, it will be compensated,      fixed, pulled back, or fully compensated for the purchased quantity for      the lifetime of that link.
  • Not all      30-day warranties mean it won't drop within 30 days. The 30-day warranty      means that within 30 days, if there's a drop or decrease, it will be free      to compensate during that 30 days. Read further to understand more.
  • Explanation      of warranty means, for example, a 30-day warranty means if there's any      problem, it will be free to warranty without any charge; after 30 days, it      will no longer be supported. For example, when buying a phone with a      12-month warranty, if there's any issue, you will be supported, repaired      for free; however, after 12 months, you will have to pay for repairs or no      longer receive free support. As for the permanent warranty, if there's a      drop during that period, such as not enough views, dropping views, subs,      likes... will be supported with unlimited time. Regarding warranty, such      as YouTube views, if you purchase and there's a drop during the warranty      period, you will be supported to restore the views you purchased. After      the warranty period, if there's a drop, there will be no more free support      or free views recovery. Therefore, buy according to the guidance of      support staff to get the best support.
  • There are      many types of services, including permanent warranty types, 30 or 90-day      warranty types, types without warranty and no support after purchase. We      provide diverse services because there are many different customers,      different choices, some customers only need services for a certain period,      they can choose the cheap type without warranty even if it drops      completely, or sometimes they feel that type is suitable and good for      them, some people don't like drops, they choose another type, so we will provide      various types for everyone to choose freely. Terminology:
  • "Cancel      and refund" status: The order is canceled, and the money is refunded      to the web account 100%.
  • "Partial      refund" status: The order is refunded corresponding to the missing      services.
  • "Analyzing"      status: The system is processing the order.
  • "In      progress" status: The system is executing the order.
  • "Waiting"      status: Your order is waiting for the system to process.
  • Warranty:      Recovering if the order drops or refunding when the system cannot recover      anymore.
  • Permanent      warranty: Recovering views/likes/subs... if views drop at any time until      the view/like/sub... server can no longer operate due to YouTube updates      or for some unavoidable reasons.
  • G60:      60-day warranty - G30: 30-day warranty

H = hours - S = seconds - G, Days = days... 

Article 2.2: If you buy views from the system and already have an initial view count, but after purchasing, it drops below the initial view count, we will not warranty, cancel, or refund in this case. If you want warranty, make sure to complete the initial view count first before purchasing. Don't purchase using the ID you want to warranty on the web; doing so will count as a new order. For example: You have an initial 10,000 views, you buy 5000 views at Smmcheap, but it drops below 10,000, then it indicates you have used views elsewhere, watched by yourself, farmed views, or bought another type causing views to drop below the initial view count, we won't warranty in this case. So use quality views at Smmcheap from the beginning. 

Article 3: - Do not buy two different types of YouTube views for one video link, it will not be warranted or only a limited amount will be warranted. For example: Link A is running views with YouTube ID 2300, then after that, it runs with ID 513; if there's a drop, we will only warranty a certain minimum quantity. (If you want to order like this, you can still do it, but you bear the loss if there's a drop. In this case, you will violate article 2.2.)

Example: When you buy for Link A with ID 513 = 10,000 VIP views without drops. Later, you buy for Link A again with another ID like 2300 = 10,000 views. The total views would be 20,000, but if it drops to only 10,000, you'll encounter problems. Because you won't know which ID, 513 or 2300, caused the drop. ID 513 may claim to have delivered the full 10,000 views, and so does ID 2300. ID 513 might say it's still showing 10,000 views, while ID 2300 will argue that ID 513's drop affected the total count. In this scenario, both ID 513 and ID 2300 are technically correct because the current count still shows 10,000 views. However, if it drops below 10,000 during the warranty period, ID 513 will have to warranty up to 10,000, while ID 2300 will not warranty in this case. Therefore, if you buy in this manner, it will cause trouble, so be careful. Buy one type first, and if it works well, then buy more. If it doesn't, wait for the warranty to be completed before purchasing another type; otherwise, you won't be warranted. Buying another type means you will switch to the regulations of that service, and it will calculate the current count plus the newly purchased count, resulting in completion. So, it's better to use high-quality types as instructed.

Additional Example: You have an initial 1000 views => You buy 5000 views with ID 2300, then you buy 1000 with ID 513. The final view count is 7000. But if it drops down to only 1000, we will not warranty the remaining 6000. As long as your video has over 1000 views, we will count it as enough; it doesn't have to be the full 7000. So the final quantity for warranty will only be a small portion of the permanent warranty order, not the entire 7000, because the previous views dropped or the cheap views dropped.... Therefore, don't place orders with different types of YouTube views, as it's challenging to warranty. Just place one type to make it easier for future warranty; otherwise, it will be very difficult. Nobody wants to make it difficult for customers and avoid losses, so the admin explains this in advance. However, feel free to purchase; if there are any issues, we will try to support as much as possible, but if the issue cannot be supported for warranty, you must accept it.

Article 3.1: Note: You can place multiple different links with the same service or multiple services. For the same service and the same link, it's better to complete the purchased quantity before buying more. Otherwise, you will suffer losses; read the explanation below:

For example: If you're running views for the same link xxx and haven't completed yet, you cannot buy a different type or the same type of views for this link xxx; for another link, it's fine. (If it's not completed yet, you can still place orders, but the system will count the newly placed views plus the views you already bought = the final count. For example, if you placed two orders for the same link, the first one is 5000, and the second one is 5000, it will count the initial quantity of the second order as the final one. For example, if the first order is 10, and the second order is 100, then it will count as 5100 views instead of 10,000. If you don't understand this part, please chat.) As for this link xxx, if it's running views, you can buy comments, likes, or subs normally

Article 5: ⚠ Conditions for running views, subs, likes (even during the process):

⚠ Do not use multiple services at the same time (or from different providers). If you want to use more than one service for the same link, please wait for the completed order (views, likes, subs... have been displayed)/Cancelled/Refunded. We cannot increase the exact number if you use other services. We will not refund or warranty in this case. Please note!

⚠ In case an order drops. Please wait for us to refund the service or money before placing a new order. We cannot cancel automatically, if you place a new order while it is in the warranty process, we will not accept warranty for that order, and you will lose the warranty.

⚠ The system will automatically count the number when it starts, so don't ask us if it includes your VIEW/LIKE/SUBS... We only count the start and end numbers.

⚠ After placing an order, if you change it on your own, close the account, the account is locked, or the order link is incorrectly structured, or incorrectly running conditions. We are not responsible for refunding or processing your order.

⚠ If you have run on previous websites. That link will not be warranted, and you will lose that order.

⚠ If you place orders "NO WARRANTY" and "WARRANTY". We cannot refund the service (Warranty + NO warranty = NO warranty). ⚠ We only accept order cancellation if the order encounters system errors.

⚠ If the current service is under permanent warranty and the order has been completed before. In the event of a server failure preventing warranty due to system failure. We reserve the right to stop warranty for that order.

⚠ Permanent warranty orders may change the warranty period in between or may not perform warranty depending on the server situation at that time.

⚠ We warranty based on the initial and final counts regardless of your view/like/subs... if within the order's count range, we will warranty if it meets the requirements.

⚠ Conditions for running YouTube views (even during the process): - Do not set to private - Do not block countries - Do not remove embedding = Enable embedding - Do not set age restrictions - Place the corresponding type of view according to the video mode, regular video views for regular uploads, live video views for live videos, premiere views for premieres. Do not place regular views for live or premiere videos.

  • The      system only commits to the service you run on this website, issues related      to monetizing your channel, the system is not responsible. If you do not      set the correct running conditions, we cannot support the processing of      that order and will not refund.

⚠ Most types of views come with bonus views, if views drop, we are responsible for refunding the views you have run, not the bonus views.

⚠ If an order is not executed after 1 day, please stop placing orders for that server type and notify the admin via Facebook or the "Warranty" section for processing.

⚠ No warranty if the link structure is changed (e.g., changing the name causing the user name to change)

⚠ Any threats or intentional acts of causing difficulties, misunderstanding, harm to the ChayNhanh website, we will lock the account.

⚠ When an order is completed, if the system encounters issues, the corresponding amount will be refunded for that order.

⚠ Terms: All services from the system (except advertising services from social networks) may drop if the algorithms of social networks change in the future, if the service is NOT dropped, it means that from the time the service was opened until the present time, no drop has occurred. Please note.

⚠ When the system is stuck, the restarting process will take place within 24 hours.

  • If you do      not agree and argue with us, we will apply the terms and delete your      account. - Fraudulent activities will result in account suspension.


  • Unused      and remaining balance you have deposited will be reserved for gradual use      in subsequent visits to the website. - You can deposit a small amount to      try the service first, if satisfied, you can deposit a large amount and      use it later, we will not refund the balance to your bank account, do not      support withdrawing the remaining $. NO refund in cases of intentional      threats, causing damage, disputes, causing losses, money laundering,      intermediaries, and any other issues that we feel you are negatively impacting      us. - If you do not agree and argue with us, we will apply the terms and      delete your account. - Fraudulent activities will result in account      suspension.


  • We will      strictly maintain the confidentiality of personal information and protect      your privacy.
  • We do not      view or interfere with your orders because the website operates      automatically unless you have specific support requests.
  • All      personal information is only used for ordering purposes on the website. We      will not sell or distribute it to anyone.
  • Any cases      of fraud we detect will result in immediate account suspension and      non-payment.
  • If the      referred person requests a withdrawal or is deducted for any reason, your      commission will also be correspondingly reduced. - If the referred person      receives a special discount on any service, the commission will only be      credited to the account on the website, or if you request a withdrawal, we      will support withdrawing 50% of the commission you received.
  • Permanent      warranty: Refund views/likes/subs... if views drop at any time until that      view/like/sub... server cannot operate due to YouTube updates or for any      other unforeseen reasons.
  • The      system may be slow or upgraded at any time for the purpose of improving      quality and speed. So please be patient during the algorithm upgrade      process. Thank you for your patience.


  • Prohibited      from using services and placing orders with content or purposes that      violate the law, politics, obscenity... If found, we will take measures to      handle it.
  • We always      prioritize customer interests, and any incidents will be attempted to be      resolved efficiently and beneficially for the customer provided you comply      with the above regulations, customers who intentionally violate, we will      handle according to the direction most beneficial to the customer. Thank      you!

If you don't understand, chat now.